Wireless Access

Since 1995, Blast has been an Internet Service Provider for business and personal accounts in Chatham, Orange, and Wake Counties of North Carolina. Blast offers wireless broadband services in Pittsboro and Moncure.

Pittsboro: We can do 2.4ghz almost anywhere in a 2 mile radius.

Moncure and surrounding areas: We use 900mhz to cut through trees, which can go 4-6 miles.


If you are interested, please email your name, address, telephone, and email to scott@blast.com.



2.4ghz - $100 - $300 install, $45/month

900mhz - $500 - $650 install, $45/month


The install costs include leasing the gear and 2 hours of initial setup time. If your house necessitates longer than a 2 hour install, we will bill at $20/hour.


I saw your posting on the Chatham Chatlist about the wireless access you're providing at the General Store Cafe and wanted to thank you. My husband and I were just talking to some neighbors about how these networks are becoming available around the world nowadays but thought Pittsboro would never see this. We are so pleased to see that Pittsboro (or Blast & the General Store) are so forward-thinking!

óJamie Fiocco,

General Store Patron, Pittsboro