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The BLAST Software Support section offers Technical Notes and Technical Tips that are searchable, providing how-to documentation describing specific issues encountered by our customers and the solutions and workarounds we have used. The FAQ documentation is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions posed to our technical support department. It contains general information about communications and product specific information.


Contacting Technical Support

Technical Support is available at 919.545.2554 or from 8AM-5PM EST Monday through Friday. Blast charges $55 per incident, billable to any major credit card, for technical support. An incident is defined as a request for technical support for a single issue. Blast will spend up to two hours on an incident.


Each incident is logged by the technical support coordinator and placed in the technical support queue. Detailed information on each incident is recorded in the BLAST Technical Support Call Tracking system.


When contacting Technical Support we must have your BLAST product version serial number and information on both the local and remote platforms, operating systems, and modem types. The more detailed your problem description is, the quicker we will be able to solve the problem.