Blast Frequently Asked Questions


What is a withdrawal?

Withdrawals transfer money from your Blast savings account to your linked checking account.

How do you make a withdrawal?

To make a withdrawal, navigate to Banking > Transfer to Your Bank, and enter the amount of money you would like to transfer.

How long do withdrawals take?

Withdrawals take 4-6 business days (weekends and US holidays NOT included) for your money to settle in your linked checking account.

Why did my withdrawal fail?

Reasons why a withdrawal may fail:

  1. A deposit into your Blast account charged back, meaning the requested withdrawal amount exceeds your available Blast balance.
  2. Your checking account was unlinked from Blast, so your money no longer has a final destination - please relink your checking account so your withdrawal can successfully process. To do so, navigate to Banking > Linked Bank.

How do you make a withdrawal with PayPal Beta?

PayPal is now in beta testing for a limited number of users. For PayPal Beta testers, to link your PayPal account with Blast, navigate to Banking > Linked Bank and select ‘Link to PayPal’ located below ‘Link a Bank’. There is a 30¢ PayPal Transaction Fee for each withdrawal which takes 4-6 business days to process.


How do I change my password?

Navigate to Settings > Change Password.

How do I change my linked bank?

To update your linked checking account, navigate to Banking > Linked Bank > Update Bank.

I forgot the email I used to sign up for Blast

Please email and provide the last four digits of your linked checking account as well as the email you thought you used to sign up, and we will attempt to find your account.

Can you explain the Account tab?

The Account tab details your current Blast account balance and any pending deposits and Mission Rewards you may have.

How much interest does my Blast account earn?

Any money in your Blast savings account earns an Annual Percentage Yield at a 2% interest rate (effective September 4th, 2018). You will see this reflected monthly in your Blast account balance.

How do I close my Blast account?

Keep in mind, you can withdraw your funds anytime.

If you would like to permanently close your account, please email


What is a Deposit?

Deposits transfer money from your linked no-interest checking account into your Blast high-yield savings account.

How do you deposit?

Navigate to Banking > Transfer to Blast, and enter the amount of money you would like to transfer.

How long do Deposits take to process?

Deposits take 1-2 business days (weekends and US holidays NOT included) for funds to settle in your Blast savings account.

Triggers (Beta):

Where did Triggers go?

The Triggers feature has been deactivated and is currently under review following the close of the beta testing period as of 12/19/2018. Triggers will no longer be an option within the Blast app under the Banking tab or with individual games under the Gaming tab. Users will no longer be able to earn additional XP with an active Trigger and users with active Triggers will no longer have Trigger deposits transferred from their linked checking account into the Blast app.

*Users can still earn XP by completing Missions and maintaining an ‘Available’ account balance.


What is a Mission?

Missions are a rewarding way of trying new games or reaching higher levels in existing games. Completing a Mission earns you Mission Rewards (money given to you by Blast)! Mission Rewards are automatically contributed to your Blast savings account, where your money continues to grow with an Annual Percentage Yield at a 2% interest rate (effective September 4th, 2018).

Where can I find Missions?

Navigate to Gaming where you can find New and Active Missions.

How much can I earn by completing Missions?

You are able to complete as many Missions as there are available and earn rewards from each of them!

When will new Missions be available?

We are actively working on providing more and more Missions for you! For now, you will need to refer back to your Gaming page to check for any new Missions.

How does it work?

Compete in the Leaderboard for a chance to win up to $1000 weekly. Earn a spot in one of 10 tiers on the Leaderboard. Tiers 1-9 payout cash rewards, while tier 10 earns Experience Points (XP). The top ten Blast gamers including the top 50% of all Blast gamers will rank on the Leaderboard. The higher you rank, the more money you win. Cash rewards fluctuate based on user engagement with XP. Earn XP by completing Missions and maintaining an 'Available' Blast savings balance.

The Leaderboard cycle refreshes every week on Sunday at 6pm PST; cash rewards are disbursed into your Blast savings account during the following week on Friday by end of the day.

What is XP?

Experience Points, or XP, are used to quantify your savings progression.

How do I get XP?

There are 2 different ways to build your total XP:

  1. Daily 'Available' Blast account balance - At the end of each day, you are given XP for the amount of money in your 'Available' Blast account balance. $1 = 10 XP. Total max daily XP from your 'Available' Blast balance is 1,000 XP. (There is no limit to the number of XP you can earn in a day. Only a limit for the Daily XP reward for having a Blast account balance greater than $0)
  2. Missions - Some Missions will have XP as a part of their rewards.


What is Blast?

Blast is a gaming-based savings app that allows you to save, earn, and win money while playing your favorite games.

How does it work?

Blast turns gamers into savers. Gamers connect their checking account to Blast and have the option to deposit preferred amounts of money into their Blast savings account. Money in your Blast savings account earns an Annual Percentage Yield at a 2% interest rate (effective September 4th, 2018).

Blast also allows you to earn Mission Dividends (money given to you Blast) by completing Missions. By satisfying certain Mission objectives, such as playing a game for a certain amount of time or completing a certain level, Blast contributes money to your Blast savings account.

Win money by ranking on the Leaderboard based on the tier you are in determined by completing Missions and daily Blast account balance.

Is it free to use?

Yes, Blast is 100% free to use! There are no hidden fees, and you can make deposits and withdrawals at no cost.

Is it secure?

Yes, security is our top priority. Blast uses bank-level security with 256-bit encryption, and your money is FDIC-insured for balances up to $250,000.

Does Blast work with all games?

Blast supports nearly every game in the Google Play Store. In the near future, Blast plans to support games from the Apple App Store.

What is Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard rewards gamers with up to $1000 weekly based on their XP, which is earned by completing Missions and maintaining a daily Blast account balance.

Leaderboards are one of the main ways to earn money from Blast. Leaderboards utilize a tier ranking system to determine payouts. The tier system is calculated by total XP (experience points) on a user's account.

The higher you place on the Leaderboard, the larger the payment. There are 10 total tiers on the Leaderboard. Top 3 tiers are held by the top 3 people to gain the most XP per week.