our mission

Blast was started by the founders of Acorns with the goal of helping the world’s 2.6 billion gamers save and win money by playing their favorite games. We study history, we research and create technology companies, and we play games—lots of games!

We believe that building wealth should be easy and fun. That’s why we set out on a mission to bring harmony to the worlds of gaming and money.

In early 2017, we teamed up with top tech talent and grandmaster gamers (literally!) to bring exciting, new real-world benefits to playing the games you already love. We started by making your favorite games trigger money into your Blast savings account. This evolved into sending gamers on in-game missions to earn real cash dividends. And we expanded to what gamers cheered for—a leaderboard where they could win up to $10,000 every week!

We continually build more valuable and immersive experiences into the Blast app—all to enhance the experience of gaming and improve the lives of gamers everywhere!

Join us on this journey to unite your money and gaming into a world where you do more than just level up your game. It’s time to level up your life!