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The world is out of balance; our work and our passions are often at odds with one another. Buried by the daily struggles of life, we’ve lost our ability to become the best version of ourselves and pursue what we love. Something is missing and we all know it...

By intertwining what we love to do with what we must do, life falls into alignment. Only then can our full potential be realized.

Is it actually possible to prepare for a bright future by doing what we love today?

We believe so – and that’s exactly why we’re on this planet. We have studied the past, we have glimpsed the future, and we want to share what we have discovered. Games are good. Life and gaming can exist in harmony; each will feed the other in a virtuous cycle that fulfills the pursuit of balance.

The time has come to establish harmony between money and gaming — together we can create a better world. Welcome to Blast — where passion for games is the fuel for wealth.

This is
Mission Control

We’re a team of gamers, founders, financial professionals, technologists, musicians and designers with the goal of helping gamers save and win money by playing games. We study history, we research and create technology companies, and we play games — lots of games!

We’re assembling a group of like-minded individuals and companies determined to help people align their passions with their finances through technology.


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The Blast app makes your games more engaging while delivering positive financial outcomes. We hope you’ll put on your spacesuit and join us on this journey.